Fiji – Definitely a tourist paradise

If you are an avid traveler looking for exotic destination for your forthcoming holidays, a beautiful Melanesian country wonderfully embraced by the South Pacific Ocean, lying at the distance of two-thirds from Hawaii to New Zealand would be the right choice! Tourism is always found vibrant in Fiji, the country which is immensely popular for some of the world’s amazing natural wonders. Major eye-relaxing tourist’s sightseeing sites are beautiful and magical coral reefs. Besides, you can also visit the Garden of Sleeping giant and Fiji Museum and can derive handful of information about the culture, tradition and history.

If you love play with nature, then of course gear up for your most ardently cherished adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting, Sea Kayaking and also can tune to your playful mood with Championship Golf Course surrounded by dashing tropical forests. After enjoying your interaction with cultures, histories and nature, you can quickly wind up your day’s excursion and have grand meals in some of highly standard hotels based on your preference. Besides the eye-catching streets decorated with colorful shops and markets, when it comes to eating your favorite dish, you would find the country as a paradise with ample of cafes, restaurants and many standardized or star categorized hotels. Continue reading “Fiji – Definitely a tourist paradise”

The Secretive Deloitte Report over APRIL Natadola Bay Project

The Fiji National Provident Fund Board (FNPF) is reluctant and unwilling to release the report of Deloitte Forensic Audit Report that was made public in 2010. The report costing of $1.5million to members of FNPF has successfully got cleared the past APRIL developer as well as Gerard Saliot, the founder of alleged wrongdoing relating to the investment made by FNPF in the project of Natadola from June 2004 to till March 2007.

Sticking strongly to the instructions by their masters, the military appointed the FNPF Board giving unlawful termination to the contract held by APRIL which comprised of Project Managers as well as Project Developers. They have been replaced by Bryan Jacob accompanied by his co-conspirator Sanjay Kaba of HLK Jacob who were both given the positions of structural engineers. The report dating 21 July 2010 that remained secret was divided into numerous sections related to Natadola: Continue reading “The Secretive Deloitte Report over APRIL Natadola Bay Project”