How Fiji Become a Popular Destination in South Pacific Region?

Fiji is a beautiful island country situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It sits on an archipelago of 333 islands, but only 110 islands are suited for habitation. The country is blessed with beautiful hill station, turquoise water and sceneries that melt away the heart of tourists.  It has become a perfect place for vacationing for people with families and honeymoon for couples. It is surrounded by the Koro Sea which enables visitors to play different adventure activities. Apart from that, vacationers can enjoy on beaches, turquoise water, boating, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, and island hopping during the trip. The island country has everything that tourists may ask during the vacation.

Gerard Saliot – A Living Legend of Fiji Tourism Industry

Although, Fiji had everything to be a perfect holiday destination no proper arrangement was made. Most of the islands were barren with no infrastructure for tourism to stay or enjoy. Realising the potential of Fiji natural landscapes, Gerard Saliot has worked dedicatedly to transform the country’s arid lands into beautiful places for tourists. The Natadola Marine Project is an outstanding example displaying the hard work put by him in this project. He has created projects with eco-friendly techniques for the generation of employment and increased GDP of the country. Hence, he is considered the living legend of Fiji tourism industry, owning him many accolades from the Fijian government.

Natadola Marine Project

The popularity of Fiji as a top holiday destination is increasing these days rapidly. People are visiting Fiji from different regions of the world for vacations. The country is being liked by an ordinary citizen to Hollywood celebrities to spend a holiday in a perfect manner. Louis Gerard Saliot is the pioneer in creating the beautiful Natadola Marine project in Fiji. He has created many themed based parks, garden, villas, and resorts to offer an incredible experience to tourists. That is why he is considered the architect of this project for the role played in the construction.

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