A glimpse at Fiji Tourism

Fiji is a country which is blessed with 333 marvelous Islands of which only few are inhabited and most of the islands are left desolate. Since most of the lands are not inhabited, still there is a free space to move about. Fiji island is set in the tropical South pacific is the essence of a tropical island paradise. Fiji travel is the most attractive, to the most discerning traveler with its white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways and has a range of things to do and see.

Fiji Island is surrounded with most exciting and magnificent infrastructure with 5-resort Fiji resorts, stroll on glimmering white beaches hand –in-hand at sunset, snorkel, drive, surf or kayak  pristine oceans, white water raft clear and clean waterways, cruise the ocean around the mainland and outer Fiji islands, trek rainforest and the backpack the outer islands. The people there have a welcoming heart; and it has a conducive environment to live in, with unique culture and history.

Nadi is the heart of Fiji Island and many people folk to the island to relax from their daily chores. Nadi is full of action, with jammed packed streets, enticing shops, exquisite dinning and best Resort Fiji. Fiji Travel is one of the most adventurous and thrilling tourism. Fiji is a Mecca for all dreamers, adventurers, fun seekers, lovers, divers, backpackers, families, naturalists and anyone else who is looking for their very own tropical experience of a lifetime. In Fiji there is something for everyone, especially for those who come on Fiji vacations.

In any country, tourism plays a vital role in the economic development and Fiji is not an exception. Tourism has occupied a major space in Fiji. The economy of Fiji is primarily based on tourism and so the locals have a great deal to offer to the vacationers. The advantage in the increase of tourism is that it generates employment to a large number of people, both skilled and unskilled. The other aspect of tourism is that it helps in promoting national integration and international brotherhood.

Fiji is a sustainable eco-tourism. People in Fiji follow a  very traditional way of productivity like ladies creating mats, masi (tapa) hats, fans and baskets from natural materials, pottery ,talanoa session (storytelling) about history, legends and traditional local medicines. A visit to Fiji is not complete without a traditional kava session and mekes (traditional song and dance) are a cultural feast.

Fiji island is described as the cruising enthusiast`s wonderland. Whether you are a yachter or a cruise passenger, this is a great way to taste everything that is Fiji travel.

The extraordinaire experience in the island of Fiji is ‘Diving’ like shore dive, night dive, wreck dive or cave dive. And this exciting diving can be done by you or go with the professionals at luxury resorts, eco- friendly outlets, and backpackers or fabulous live abroad.

Fiji is well – known as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Gets the feeling of the paradise experience once in your life time touring Fiji Island the capital of the world.  It has over 4000 squares miles of coral reef. Fiji islands offers divers incomparable marine biodiversity.

Talking of Fiji tourism industry, one cannot forget mentioning about Louis Gerard Saliot who pioneered the development of travel industry. He did a lot for the people engaged in travel occupation in some way or the other.

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