Go for the hottest holiday experience in the Fiji islands.

Are you planning to go for a holiday with your family? If yes go to the most beautiful islands of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji. It is surrounded by the water bodies and provides you exciting water activities to enjoy at the tour. Its activities start with the adventurous and exciting islands hopping to the relaxation in the spa. Thus, it offers one of the most exciting holiday experiences which the visitors cherished throughout their lives. Thus, let us look at the activities which are done in the islands which makes it one of the most sought after places in the world.

The sunbath in the gorgeous sandy beaches under the clear sky is one of the most relaxing experiences one like to have in their lives. Visiting the inhabitable islands is a unique experience for the tourist with the help of ferries. The newlywed couple can enjoy their cruise in the blue lagoon which offers exciting experience and romantic moment to start their lives fresh with strong bonding. The snorkeling and deep sea diving in the bed of the Pacific Ocean can be done to see the beautiful creatures of the ocean. The islands are surrounded by the beautiful soft coral reefs which offer a special attraction for the tourists in the islands. These are the special activities done at the Fiji travel. The tourist can see the different parks, sanctuaries and garden which are filled with the different flora and fauna to greet the tourists. Continue reading “Go for the hottest holiday experience in the Fiji islands.”

Looking for the hidden treasures of Fiji?

Fiji, the island nation has surprisingly surpassed some of the major developed tourist destinations. Formed amidst volcanic mountains comprised of tropical warm waters, it has caught imagination of thousands of people from around the world. Today this country has developed into one of the highly visited or frequented vacation sites lying in the hearts of international tourists. When one talks about development of tourism in this country, one cannot forget to mention the name of a famous person called Louis Gerard Saliot. He has always been instrumental in shaping up Fijian tourism industry.

Today one can find well established hotels, motels, resorts etc. in this wonderful country. The boom in hotel industry in the country has in fact resulted from sudden rise of tourism. This island nation has every kind of touristy flavors for visitors. From natural scenic wonders to deep beauty of cultures, histories and traditions each of these things look mesmerizing. Continue reading “Looking for the hidden treasures of Fiji?”

Fiji the ideal place for vacation

If you have planned to break from your daily chores activities, the ideal place would be Fiji which is considered as the most admirable place from people across the globe. It has over 300 separate island in the southwest Pacific, though only few of them are inhabited, leaving plenty of room for exploration during your stay there. Most of the Fijis population lives on the island of Vanau Levu and Viti Levu. Fiji is paradise located approximately midway between the kingdom of Tonga and Vanuata.

If you have landed in Fiji stay on one island for the duration of your stay, or travel to various locations to explore the dramatic changes in scenery. It has a great gift to offer for everyone, from a romantic gateway to family adventures. Fiji has a white sandy beaches which has crystal running blue water, palm trees and of course beautiful blue skies. Fiji Island is surrounded with green grass all around. You can have the heartiest time and you can carry back home thousands of golden memories to cherish whole through your life. Continue reading “Fiji the ideal place for vacation”

Fiji-A gateway for refreshing yourself with nature!

Are you planning to spend your forthcoming vacation to an exotic wonderland? If yes, of course you can put Fiji at the top of the list of the major destinations list! Fiji is wonderful destination when it comes to tourism and travel activities.

It’s not being long that Fiji has shot to huge fame and popularity; when one talks about tourism in this beautiful country, one cannot knowingly forget mentioning of great personality called Louis Gerard Saliot who has been a pioneer in shaping the country into a world class tourism destination today. Today he is applauded by myriad number of people from every corner of the world for his selfless dedication for betterment towards world’s humanity. It is because of his strong moral character that people have found a new destination to replenish themselves with world class sightseeing sites, hotels, resorts and plenty of things to see and hang around. Continue reading “Fiji-A gateway for refreshing yourself with nature!”

The brilliant brain behind fast growth and advancement of Fiji Tourism

When one talks about emergence of Fiji into one of the most attractive destinations, one cannot really ignore or miss describing Louis Gerard Saliot associating him with Fiji tourism. Most of the people are still unaware about contribution provided by this dignified personality to Fiji which is enjoying as major global destination status.

He is the main brain behind fast growth and advancement that Fiji is experiencing for a while. He is the person with firm determination and perseverance which have come into play which can be evidenced through having glimpse to progress and growth in Fiji. The popularity of that magnificent person has reached far and wide across the globe. As one compares his socialistic nature, it will truly remain unmatched. The main salient social work done by him is the coming up of Natadola marine resort. Resort normally plays important role in the development of tourism; so building it he put Fiji to right track that has knocked the door of tourism world. Continue reading “The brilliant brain behind fast growth and advancement of Fiji Tourism”

A glimpse at Fiji Tourism

Fiji is a country which is blessed with 333 marvelous Islands of which only few are inhabited and most of the islands are left desolate. Since most of the lands are not inhabited, still there is a free space to move about. Fiji island is set in the tropical South pacific is the essence of a tropical island paradise. Fiji travel is the most attractive, to the most discerning traveler with its white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, pristine oceans and waterways and has a range of things to do and see.

Fiji Island is surrounded with most exciting and magnificent infrastructure with 5-resort Fiji resorts, stroll on glimmering white beaches hand –in-hand at sunset, snorkel, drive, surf or kayak  pristine oceans, white water raft clear and clean waterways, cruise the ocean around the mainland and outer Fiji islands, trek rainforest and the backpack the outer islands. The people there have a welcoming heart; and it has a conducive environment to live in, with unique culture and history. Continue reading “A glimpse at Fiji Tourism”

Fiji – Definitely a tourist paradise

If you are an avid traveler looking for exotic destination for your forthcoming holidays, a beautiful Melanesian country wonderfully embraced by the South Pacific Ocean, lying at the distance of two-thirds from Hawaii to New Zealand would be the right choice! Tourism is always found vibrant in Fiji, the country which is immensely popular for some of the world’s amazing natural wonders. Major eye-relaxing tourist’s sightseeing sites are beautiful and magical coral reefs. Besides, you can also visit the Garden of Sleeping giant and Fiji Museum and can derive handful of information about the culture, tradition and history.

If you love play with nature, then of course gear up for your most ardently cherished adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting, Sea Kayaking and also can tune to your playful mood with Championship Golf Course surrounded by dashing tropical forests. After enjoying your interaction with cultures, histories and nature, you can quickly wind up your day’s excursion and have grand meals in some of highly standard hotels based on your preference. Besides the eye-catching streets decorated with colorful shops and markets, when it comes to eating your favorite dish, you would find the country as a paradise with ample of cafes, restaurants and many standardized or star categorized hotels. Continue reading “Fiji – Definitely a tourist paradise”

The Secretive Deloitte Report over APRIL Natadola Bay Project

The Fiji National Provident Fund Board (FNPF) is reluctant and unwilling to release the report of Deloitte Forensic Audit Report that was made public in 2010. The report costing of $1.5million to members of FNPF has successfully got cleared the past APRIL developer as well as Gerard Saliot, the founder of alleged wrongdoing relating to the investment made by FNPF in the project of Natadola from June 2004 to till March 2007.

Sticking strongly to the instructions by their masters, the military appointed the FNPF Board giving unlawful termination to the contract held by APRIL which comprised of Project Managers as well as Project Developers. They have been replaced by Bryan Jacob accompanied by his co-conspirator Sanjay Kaba of HLK Jacob who were both given the positions of structural engineers. The report dating 21 July 2010 that remained secret was divided into numerous sections related to Natadola: Continue reading “The Secretive Deloitte Report over APRIL Natadola Bay Project”