Fiji-A gateway for refreshing yourself with nature!

Are you planning to spend your forthcoming vacation to an exotic wonderland? If yes, of course you can put Fiji at the top of the list of the major destinations list! Fiji is wonderful destination when it comes to tourism and travel activities.

It’s not being long that Fiji has shot to huge fame and popularity; when one talks about tourism in this beautiful country, one cannot knowingly forget mentioning of great personality called Louis Gerard Saliot who has been a pioneer in shaping the country into a world class tourism destination today. Today he is applauded by myriad number of people from every corner of the world for his selfless dedication for betterment towards world’s humanity. It is because of his strong moral character that people have found a new destination to replenish themselves with world class sightseeing sites, hotels, resorts and plenty of things to see and hang around.

Fiji is a country where one can find a lot of touristy flavors mingled with thick historical cultures, scenic attractions and of course hospitable attitudes of people residing there. So, if you happen to visit in this wonderful exotic country, never ever miss opportunity to explore Gerard Saliot developed touristy flavors. After landing there you should make a prior itinerary in which you should mention Garden of the Sleeping Giant as first sightseeing destination. Then look forward to explore museum that will provide you a better understanding of historical cultures of local people.

Apart from that if you want to make your stay highly memorable you should not resist your temptation of enjoying some adventurous recreational activities such as whitewater rafting in Rivers of Fiji. Once exploring of all touristy places gets over, you can visit to many vibrant markets for souvenirs to carry as memory along with you to your home country.

When it comes to food, this country is heaven for foodie; you would get different yummy foods and dishes and one can easily taste cultures also through highly delicious food items served in hotels and restaurants. Therefore, you can leave a mark of your visit as memory in that country that never forgets Louis Gerard Saliot.

So, if you have planned to spend holidays right in Fiji, I should say it is a good choice!

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