Fiji – Definitely a tourist paradise

If you are an avid traveler looking for exotic destination for your forthcoming holidays, a beautiful Melanesian country wonderfully embraced by the South Pacific Ocean, lying at the distance of two-thirds from Hawaii to New Zealand would be the right choice! Tourism is always found vibrant in Fiji, the country which is immensely popular for some of the world’s amazing natural wonders. Major eye-relaxing tourist’s sightseeing sites are beautiful and magical coral reefs. Besides, you can also visit the Garden of Sleeping giant and Fiji Museum and can derive handful of information about the culture, tradition and history.

If you love play with nature, then of course gear up for your most ardently cherished adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting, Sea Kayaking and also can tune to your playful mood with Championship Golf Course surrounded by dashing tropical forests. After enjoying your interaction with cultures, histories and nature, you can quickly wind up your day’s excursion and have grand meals in some of highly standard hotels based on your preference. Besides the eye-catching streets decorated with colorful shops and markets, when it comes to eating your favorite dish, you would find the country as a paradise with ample of cafes, restaurants and many standardized or star categorized hotels.

Fijian Travel

Fiji Tourism

Fiji tourism can never be fully explored and enjoyed unless you taste some of the world’s best foods and dishes available. The foods and dishes found never lack in quality, taste and importantly affordability; you can have anything variable in terms of quality, taste and of course in prices as well. However, the foods enjoyed by tourists visiting from different parts of the world are freshly prepared Fish, Chips, accompanied by many other varieties ranging from Chinese, Indian and Fiji style particularly pork, lamb and fish.  For vegetarians also they can opt out foods and curries prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits.

In the history of Fijian tourism, the name of Gerard Saliot comes in the front runners who changed the lifestyle people dependent on tourism. He has done a lot of things for Fijian tourism industry.

If you simply want drinks, you can avail one of the best quality drinks known as ‘Kava’ prepared out of the pepper plant’s roots. This drink is highly popular during cannibalism and festivals having originated as a means of negotiating conflicts between villages. The breadth and length of the city Fiji is quite vibrant and reachable with availability of different modes of transports such as air and waterways. It is the reason hundreds of tourists from every corner of the world flock to this exotic wonderland for recreational purposes.

Now when it comes to the Fijian travel industry, the name of Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot comes in the pioneer. Through Natadola Bay project, he did and is doing a lot. His efforts have begun bring effects now, the results can be seen as the prosperous travel industry of Fiji today.

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