Looking for the hidden treasures of Fiji?

Fiji, the island nation has surprisingly surpassed some of the major developed tourist destinations. Formed amidst volcanic mountains comprised of tropical warm waters, it has caught imagination of thousands of people from around the world. Today this country has developed into one of the highly visited or frequented vacation sites lying in the hearts of international tourists. When one talks about development of tourism in this country, one cannot forget to mention the name of a famous person called Louis Gerard Saliot. He has always been instrumental in shaping up Fijian tourism industry.

Today one can find well established hotels, motels, resorts etc. in this wonderful country. The boom in hotel industry in the country has in fact resulted from sudden rise of tourism. This island nation has every kind of touristy flavors for visitors. From natural scenic wonders to deep beauty of cultures, histories and traditions each of these things look mesmerizing.

If you are planning for an exotic holiday trip to foreign soil, after coming to know about Fiji, you would love to keep this destination at the top in the list of major destinations you are supposed to enjoy your vacation. When it comes to Fiji travel, there are numerous things to see, visit, eat and drink as well. However, friends, to make everything clearer, let me tell you some of the exciting sightseeing attractions along with sites where you can enjoy recreational mouthwatering adventurous activities.

Starting with sightseeing attractions, you can find visiting to Garden of the Sleeping Giant quite worthy as this wonderful garden would provide you to have glimpse to wide variety of flowers, plants and trees. Inside the park you will cherish to see lily pond full of exotic aquatic plants. This garden is very famous because of actor Raymond Burr. Soon after, you can proceed to Fiji Museum. Here you will enjoy rich historical and cultural traditions through having closer observation to various arts and artifacts that date back to as far as 3,700 years.

If you are adventurous by nature, you can simply never miss enjoying mouthwatering activities such as Whitewater rafting and sea kayaking.  Besides, you can also visit to famous Pearl Fiji Championship Golf course.  Once you are all done with these activities, you can hang out again for shopping. There are numerous markets where you can shop to your satisfaction and can carry astonishing souvenirs to your homeland. Besides, you can choose any dish based on your preference as the hotels and restaurants available are full with different national, local and international food cuisines.

With so much and so many things to explore, you would simply love to describe your scintillating experiences to your friends!

Talking about travel industry of Fiji, one cannot forget Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot. He is the pillar who changed the face of Fijjian travel industry. Gerard Saliot is a man of action who still continues to do his best for the people engaged in the industry.

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