Louis Gerard Saliot – A Popular Figure in Tourism Industry

No matter in which industry you work, earning respect and name is not easy for anyone. Extreme dedication and visionary leadership help in bringing the same for the people. This is how the popularity of Louis Gerard Saliot come into being.

Before coming into the tourism industry, he has worked as a real estate industry to build and manage the projects effectively. In fact, he has many years of work experience in the real estate industry building different architectures and projects.

However, he has realised the importance of building infrastructures and hubs for boosting the tourism in the countries. He has chosen to work in the South East Asian countries like Fiji, Java, and Indonesia. In these countries, he has designed and build many projects in the tourism sector, along with his pet company called EuroAsia Management Group founded in 1994.

The primary services of EuroAsia are designing, building, and management of tourism projects in these countries. In Fiji, Saliot has planned and promoted the projects at different platforms to boost the industry around the globe.

Natadola Marine Resort is one of such endeavours to increase the tourism and boost employment for the local youths in the island nation – Fiji. Built in the Natadola Bay, the project has everything necessary for an ideal holiday – villas, resorts, spa, marinas, and adventure activities. There are Golf course and parks for leisure activities during the holiday.

Hospitality and management are an integral part of a tourism industry. It is essential to provide world-class services to the customers for an entertaining and rejuvenating experience. That is why hotels need to create rooms with modern amenities and facilities for tourists.

Understanding the requirement of the hospitality industry, Louis Gerard Saliot has founded another venture called Hotel Modular Development. It is a joint venture that aims to develop world-class hotel rooms and decoration prefer by the real estate investors.

Besides these services, Saliot continues to provide numerous services needed in the development and management of tourism projects. From the market study, financial assumption, land negotiation to legal services involved in the development of tourism projects are provided by the EuroAsia. For this, he will be remembered by generations to come in the tourism industry.

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