Louis Gerard Saliot – The pioneer, architect of Fiji tourism!

When people talk about Fiji tourism industry, the name, Gerard Saliot becomes inevitable to be mentioned. Why not so either? The person who had worked with great vision, dedication, determination and purpose has finally succeeded in transforming the barren island into a heavenly tourist spot. Hundreds of visitors from around the globe visit to this fantastic destination to enjoy holidays. It is only because of the contribution by Louis Gerard Saliot that different sections of people are enjoying out today.

Emerged out as the pioneer of tourism, his humbleness, the championship for a greater cause gets easily reflected in him. No words can better express his years of dedication. He has been a true champion who single-handedly lifted and transformed the Fiji tourism industry. It was the time when tourism project was mostly in need of a greater push that he came forward. The excellence found in his work speaks volume about his socialistic mission. Today he sparks new motivation and inspiration for young generations.

Gerard Saliot is the name that everyone keeps in heart today. He has always been a man of great honour and pride. One of his remarkable tasks which glorified him is the Natadola project. This project has given a new insight to the understanding of tourism significance. Also, it brought a drastic change in the economy of it too. Many kinds of employment opportunities came up, and importantly Fiji, being an island country got the point to stay connected with other parts of the world.

People today admire him and would always be indebted due to his holistic contribution. His greatness gets showcased in the way he carries out his tasks. It is only because of him that some people have had found a new means of livelihood. And this is truly inspiring that no one can deny this fact. Louis Gerard Saliot has become not only the champion or idol in the people of Fiji but has secured a place in the hearts of millions from around the globe.

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