What are some remarkable works done by Louis Gerard Saliot?

It takes a lot of effort to plan, project, and develop infrastructure in different countries. Many beautiful countries stagger in building a world-class infrastructure for attracting tourists. Fortunately, some people in the world who know ways to transform infrastructure in nations. One of them is Louis Gerard Saliot.

He is an international businessman with 30 years of experience in business development and international trade. He worked with Unilever for 15 years and then moved to one of the leading property development companies in France. Gerard Saliot moved to Asia in 1993 and founded Euro-Asia Management Group. The company has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Jakarta and it specialises in tourism, leisure, and hospitality project management and development. The company also provide consultancy to international agencies and government ministries in the development of such projects.

Notable works of Euro-Asia Management Group

Euro-Asia directs the development primarily in the region of Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Middle East. The company offer property development in specialised areas such as tourism industry, hospitality, leisure, and residential tourism development and much more. The team of the company comprises of master planner, architect, interior designers, project managers, legal and financial experts.

Euro-Asia has managed a major masterplan of tourism development for the Indonesian government. This plan was financed by the French government in 1996. Gerard Saliot and his team of international experts made the complete plan after analysing the whole project. They focused the resources to prime locations of Indonesia. Indonesian tourism market offers numerous opportunities and Gerard Saliot assessed and completed the plan successfully.

Gerard Saliot has promoted the development of Natadola Marine resorts. These resorts are famous in whole Fiji for their great experience and accommodation. The project required management and implementation and Saliot negotiated with the government bodies and some major worldwide hotel operators. He completed all the work needed to build the beautiful Natadola Marine resorts.

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