Saluting the undefeated spirit of Gerard Saliot

History has it that persons with high integrity, undefeated spirit, devotion towards a cause always triumph. These individuals become idols whose moral qualities become guiding principles for others. Same is the case with Louis Gerard Saliot, the pioneer who through his dedicated effort established a firm, EuroAsia management group based in Singapore.

The EuroAsia, a management company which has been offering quality services for consulting, planning, developing and implementing the projects in the areas of leisure and hospitality industry. One of the significant landmark developments which Gerard Saliot led from the front is the Natadola Project. The project has been superbly planned and developed. There are world class facilities for visitors such as star categorised hotel resorts, restaurants, swimming pools and many other amenities. In short, the project became a huge boost for Fijian tourism.

The project has a significant role in the overall development of the tourism industry. And this project reflects the finely adapted leadership on the part of Gerard Saliot who has successfully transformed the barren island into most revenue earning destination. Fiji is taking the benefits of tireless and dedicated effort of Saliot as it is making billions of dollars every year through tourism.

From the learning perspective, one can learn hugely from the founder of EuroAsia who has set the perfect example. The kind of hard work and dedication shown by him is immensely inspiring for everyone. The development of project also speaks volume about his humanity. It is because every development relates to the humanity touch and Gerard Saliot has only done it. It led to the creation of employment, and the locals are the ones who are the beneficiaries of those employments.

One must salute the kind of creativity used while planning the Natadola project and today the project has had an immense impact on overall tourism industry in the country.

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