Why is Fiji an Ideal Destination for Tourists?

Fiji is undoubtedly one of the best places to go for a honeymoon and rejuvenation. It is situated in the South Pacific Ocean on an archipelago of 333 beautiful islands. It has become a perfect place for romance and relaxation while basking in the sun on white sand beaches. The country has a lot of adventure activities that tourists prefer to do on the trip. It includes island hopping, river rafting, boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, and getting a rejuvenating massage at the lavish spa. Abundant natural sceneries, hill station, sightseeing, and waterfalls are available to enjoy. Hence it is truly a fantastic destination for tourists to get energised in the holiday.

Facts about Tourism Industry of Fiji

The contribution of the tourism industry is high in the national GDP growth of Fiji. The country is receiving lakhs of tourists from different nations like New Zealand, Australia, America, China, Europe, and Japan among others. Besides contributing to the Fijian economy, the tourism industry has created employment opportunities for thousands of youths in the country. In fact, the tourism industry of Fiji has witness fast growth and development in the recent years. In all, the contribution of Gerard Saliot can’t be forgotten in the country. He is the architect of the Natadola projects which boosted the inflow of tourists in the country. Apart from being a visionary leader, he is remembered for the development of barren lands into beautiful tourist spots in the country.

Natadola Projects in Fiji

Fijian takes the name of Gerard Saliot with respects due to his contribution to the country’s tourism industry. You will find immense innovative thinking and dedication in bringing a unique project that is loved by all. The Natadola marine is one of such projects where he worked and recognised as a great pioneer in the tourism industry. Louis Gerard Saliot has dedicated a lot in turning the barren islands into beautiful resorts, theme parks, and other projects. In fact, he has succeeded in his endeavour attracting people towards him. If you’re looking for a place to visit on this holiday, contact us to get more information about Fiji sightseeing.

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